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Great Lakes Institute of  Management
Chennai, India.  2006

PROGRAM: Institution
CLIENT: Great Lakes Institute of Management
STATUS: Shortlisted competition entry
AREA: 1,72,000 Sqft

Located 65 kms from the heart of Chennai along the East Coast Road, a 7 acre fertile agricultural land was to be developed into an urban residential management campus housing 400 students, faculties and support facilities.
Our intent was to remain honest in addressing this difficult situation and evolve an organization that is hybrid both in form and condition. The first act of the design process was to adopt more compact planning with high density right at the heart of the campus and allow support facilities to fade into the landscape. This ensures a larger portion of the land to be retained and used for farming and as well allows the ‘farmscape’ to flow into the built form.  With in the built form were streets, paths and corridors organized along two main axes that defined the public and private realm of the campus. The north-south axis acts as the main connector between the entry and auditorium as well as to the hostels and other support facilities while the east-west axis connects the academic and administration zones to the cafeteria and library. What evolved was a contrary organization of spaces that was based not on hierarchy/authority but on networked spaces and on multiple orders as opposed to a single system of orders. The design in all honesty seeks to address the changing patterns of life as we live it today – distorted, shaped and still correlated by multiple influences.

Team: Mahesh Radhakrishnan, Prakash, Anbu Ekambaram, Nirmal
Collaboration: Ganesh Ramachandran and Senthil Kumar Doss – PLAY
Structural Consultants: Manjunath & Co

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