Play Room

Tucked into a residential neighbourhood is a kid’s activity centre in the heart of Chennai. What was once a traditional courtyard house, over time and generations with many ad-hoc changes including the addition of a roof above an open to sky court, turned the place unfit for domestic use and it ended into a run-down warehouse. This site was offered to us to be transformed into a kid’s activity centre.

Our primary challenge was two-fold. To re-imagine an intuitive place for kids and to establish a spatial narrative that did not exist before. Limitation in the budget pushed us to explore ‘colour’ as organizer and ‘Light’ as material that defines space. These two parameters defined the experience of the project. Graphic illustrations brought focus and purpose to the abstract colours. ‘Dan Flavin’ inspired lighting with standard fluorescent tubes used to articulate the space at night….

Location Chennai
Typology Kids Activity Centre, Interiors
Year 2016
Status Completed
Size 250 m2
Client Private
Lighting Design Lighting spaces – Anusha Muthusubramaniam
Graphic Design Maguma – Marcos Guardalia
Images Fazal Ahmed, Almost Parallel – Ganesh Ramachandran
Video Dhivya Ravishankar
Design Team Mahesh Radhakrishnan, Ashwin Ashok, Rohini Ragahavan, Dani Gladston, Hari Vardhan