Asian College of Journalism City Hostel

The project is about the challenges of urban sites and the changing demands of institutions.

The site located in an urban residential neighborhood that is being gentrified. An institution in need of student accommodation for a limited period of 5 years, following which the site will be rented or re-built to suit the demands of the market – were the two defining challenges of this project.

‘Design for Speculation’
Our design addresses the need to accommodate the speculative markets of today. Where in a structural grid and location of services determine the freedom to change the layout for varying typologies of urban habitation. The proposed design can thus transform from a 36-bed student hostel today (2018) to an 8 no’s of service apartment in the coming years (2022) for the staff, to an apartment with 4 no’s of 21/2 bedroom units for a family later(2030 and beyond), all designed for communal living with common shared spaces!

‘Stair Room’
Common shared spaces are vital for a lively hostel. In this tight urban site, the role of a stair is expanded beyond its primary function of vertical circulation. It acts as a common shared space that allows for interactive gatherings.

Location Chennai
Typology Multi-Unit, Institution
Year 2017-18
Status Completed
Size 1000 sqm
Client Media Development Foundation – Asian College of Journalism
Structural Kriti Consultants
Const. Management Ananthanarayanan
Construction Ace Structures
Photography Fazal Ahmed
Design Team Mahesh Radhakrishnan, Jaya Sriram, Sarvesh Ganapathy, Nawin Saravanan, Mamta Shivappa, Neeti Sivakumar, Nivedita Sridhar, Hari Krishnan, Shveta Mohan