Located in Anna University Campus, The Tamilnadu iTNT hub was meant to be a temporary facility that brings together start-ups, students, government institutions and private partners. A place that will explore new frontiers to solve problems of society at large.

A monotonous repetition of class room blocks around an uninspiring courtyard on 3rd floor of an existing building was the site chosen for this facility. This site was to be converted into a vibrant co-working space with a variety of requirements.

Due to the short term use of this project and budget, our interventions were minimal, ensures it breaks the repetition with in the existing structural organization, create focus and if possible highlight functions that can exist in them as anchor.

Location Chennai
Typology Institutional
Year 2022 - 2023
Status Completed
Built up area 2602 sqm
Client Tamilnadu Technology Hub
Project Management SpaceMush - Sivaraman S, Narayanaswamy, Hidayat
Images Muthuraman S
Design Team Mahesh Radhakrishnan, Sajith Mohemmad, Sathish Kanagaguru, Ashlin, Supritha, Gautham Kumar, Jahnavi