Office around a Tree

A small residential plotted development demanded a site office. It was to be built on the first plot from entry. This chosen plot was filled with coconut trees and a sprawling cashew tree that is at the geographical centre of the chosen plot. We decided to retain all trees and locate our building around them. The cashew tree became our anchor and we developed all programs around this tree like a serpentine. Owing to the linear organization we arranged public programs close to the entry and private ones away from it. Programs were further chosen to be open or closed depending on their nature. The curvilinear form gradually rises above the ground at the floor and elevates above the roof creating an experience that is fluid and seamless.

Location Chennai
Typology Site Office
Year 2016
Status Completed
Size 130 m2
Client Private
Structure Manjunath and Co
Images Almost Parallel – Ganesh Ramachandran, Jaya Sriram
Design Team Mahesh Radhakrishnan, Anuja Priyanka, Adith Arjun