224 TTK Road II

When an opportunity to design a retail space in a tight site at one of the busier junctions in Chennai came up, our defining concepts for the design were transparency, the relation of the form to the street and human scale and integration of green spaces into the design.

In this retail building, the walls are transparent devices that invite the user into the site and the building. The visual connection between all levels and the surrounding context helps to redefine the shopping experience. The curved facades help to articulate the design and provide an interesting montage of reflections in the ever-busy road. And finally, the green edge planter boxes provide an essential function of rooting an otherwise visually light structure to the site.

Location Chennai
Typology Retail, Office
Year 2015-18
Status Built
Size 1400 sqm
Client Chaitanya Builders and Leasing Pvt Ltd
Structure United Consultants
Design Team Mahesh Radhakrishnan, Anuja Priyanka, Udhaya Vauhini, Harivaradhan, Sarvesh Ganapathi