Newry Arcade

Following the success of our Shop in a Park, we explored a similar site and requirement to make private art public. 

In today's consumer driven society, Shopping is the New Religion and Malls and shopping precincts are new Churches drawing Sunday gatherings!

They are in turn filling the gap of great inclusive public places.  Any and all elements of public places are necessary in such an atmosphere.  Newry Arcade is one such exploration of making public art in a private project.

A shopping arcade with hanging roofs on thin slender columns made this possible. The linear organisation, adjacency to the public street, Art on the under belly of the roofs create the much needed colour and character for the public.

Category Large
Location Chennai ECR
Typology Commercial
Year 2016 - 19
Status Completed
Site area 2785 sqm
Built up area 2332 sqm
Client Newry Builders
Structural United Consultants
Photography Yash Jain
Design team Mahesh Radhakrishnan, Hari vardhan, Muthu Kumar, Nikhil Makijani