Carbon Hyderabad

The second in the trilogy (refer to Carbon Bangalore and Carbon Delhi) of retail containers for fashion accessories. The site measured 3m(w)x12m(l)x6m(h), was located on the ground floor of a commercial complex facing the road.

The design intended to ‘wrap’ the entire volume of the store with a single texture to accentuate its scale. This was done through a play of white bands of varying thickness and directional property running over the walls and ceiling resembling a gift box tied with a white ribbon. The spaces between these bands were filled with glass to manipulate the dimensional quality of the store and thereby make the experience spacious and dynamic. The glazed storefront captures the eastern sun during morning hours and also changes the spatial experience within the envelope through a play of light. The point of sale was organized along a central island to allow a pinball effect of customer movement across the store to maximise the retail experience and highlight the depth of the linearity of the store.

Location Hyderabad
Typology Retail Store
Year 2006
Status Completed/Demolished
Size 42.5m2
Client Carbon Accessories Limited
Collaborators Play Architecture – Senthil Kumar Doss, Ankita Rojinder
Graphic Dig Design Studio
Images Saravana Raja, Mahesh Radhakrishnan
Design Team Mahesh Radhakrishnan, Prakash, Jayan Durairathinam