224 TTK Road I

A proposed retail space on a tight corner site; the site was also located at crossroads which is a landmark junction in Chennai.

Since the site was at this busy junction, we chose to explore ‘movement’.
We intended to imagine architecture, which constantly transforms as one moves around and one that does not fit into a single image of a built-form.
The odd profile of the site also added to accentuate the form.

The corner façade is made up of 2 levels, the lower level allows for interaction with the site edge for the shop window, while the slanted top levels reflect the street on one side and sky on to the other.

Location Chennai
Typology Retail, Office
Year 2014
Status Concept
Size 1400 sqm
Client Chaitanya Builders and Leasing Pvt Ltd
Structure United Consultants
Structure Mahesh Radhakrishnan, Anuja Priyanka, Nicolas Chatelan, Shahul Hameed, Udhaya Vauhini, Sarat Chandran, Oveas Ahmed