Carbon Bangalore

Carbon Bangalore

Bangalore, India, 2006

CLIENT: Carbon Accessories Ltd
STATUS: Completed
AREA: 425 sq.ft

This store is the first of trilogy of retail container for fashion accessories. Located within a mall the architecture of retail store is hinged on filling and an architect’s role remains to define the boundary with in this generic caricatured public space. The objective hence redefined as designing a container with a specific character that differentiates itself from its neighboring and contending containers. A seamless space was evolved by extrapolating a set of parallel lines to create three different forms of Point-of-sale. A wall mounted display for the range of exclusive , a counter top display for larger pool of products and a display accessed over a comfortable seating layout for a third cluster of products all placed strategically to offer a diverse retail experience for an equally diverse set of customers. The play of black and white within the colour scheme communicates the brand identity, besides seeking to highlight the merchandize.

Team: Mahesh Radhakrishnan, Deepa Suriyaprakash,  Anbu Ekambaram
Collaboration: Senthil Kumar Doss – PLAY
Graphic: Carbon
Installation: Dig Design Studio
External Links: www.carbon.in, www.digdesignstudio.com

V&D India april 2006