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6 Kasturi Estate

6 Kasturi Estate

Chennai, India.  2012

PROGRAM: Housing
CLIENT: Vishranthi Homes Pvt Ltd.
STATUS: Completion
AREA: 16000 sft

The project is a set of single floor typical units on one side and a triplex on the other of the built form. Working on a corner site and a side that is obtuse, the design explores the idea of a screen like curved facade with cut outs for different functions. These cut outs take various stance, in some its a balcony, allowing for green to take over the room that it faces, In some it’s a covered utility, while in others its a double height garden and in some it becomes a window.

Team: Mahesh Radhakrishnan, Ludovic Tollier, Chandrika Ravichandran, Salome Houllier, Ashwin Ashok, Anuja Priyanka
Structural: Manjunath and co
Projects: Matrix Solutions
Graphic: moad
Services: moad
Project Management: VHPL