Wall to Wall House

A project in ‘smallness’. As the name suggests - a site measuring 7 x 17m sandwiched between two existing houses is to be developed as a private residence.

The challenges of such a site are twofold. One - The shortest side being the one facing the street is the only source of ventilation for every floor and room. Located in a hot and humid tropical climate it is essential we keep is as open as possible. Two - Being a small site it is imperative that circulation and services (lift, stair, toilets, store, utility etc.) are grouped together without losing space to access them and at the same time ensure they do not encroach on the exterior façade both in front and back.

Design of the house is a direct response to the above challenges. A staggered block of service along the depth holds the floor plates for maximum ventilation. Seasoned teak wood louvers express the porosity for ventilation.

On the inside the strategies for the site include double height dining in the center with a balcony on east, 10 feet high doors for rooms, toilets and wardrobes located along the depth of the site use skylights to perceptively increase the size of the spaces.

Material finishes include kotah stone flooring, mirror polished granite partition separates the kitchen to dining and natural wood veneer finish for wardrobes.

Location Chennai
Typology House
Year 2019 - 20
Status Completed
Built up area 290 sqm
Client Nandhagopal and Jaya
Structural La premiere construction
Construction Manager Ananthanarayanan Consultants
Contractor Ace Structures Santhosh, Siva Interiors, Raju Electricals
Photography Yash Jain, Ganesh Ramachandran – Almost Parallel, Senthil – Senty Photography
Design Team Mahesh Radhakrishnan, Hari Vardhan, Ullas Karuvath, Mughil Bala, Vaidhei Joshi, Jaswanth