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Shop in a Park

Shop in a Park

Chennai, India.  2012

PROGRAM: Commercial
CLIENT: Chaitanya Builders
STATUS: Under Construction
AREA: 2400 sqm

Shop in a Park is an oxymoron. It questions the very nature of creating an artificial environment for shopping. It is an extroverted mall with nature at its centre or more literally its shops surrounded by green where  you have to enter into the shaded green space every time you move from one shop to another. It’s a shopping experience within a park.
Shop in a park attempts to create a chill- axing environment in this context of shopping in natural environment.

Team: Mahesh Radhakrishnan, Ashwin Ashok, Dhivya Ravishankar, Jaykishan Mistry, Vivek Sholai Raja, Anuja Priyanka, Monica Sekar
Structural: Kruti Consultants
Projects: moad
Graphic: moad
Services: moad