The Auroville Project

A site in the middle of a dense landscape. A program that is meant to be scattered on the site. A design that is in search of genus loci(The spirit of a place)! A project designed as a series of spatial experiences. An empty court, a place under the shade, a walk into the woods and living in the forest.

An empty court – The point of arrival to the site is an open court.
A place in the shade – A large pavilion under whose shade are studios of different volumes and sizes that can be built organically over time. Support facilities like pantry and toilet are part of this pavilion.
A walk into the wood – Thick dense trees separate work and living space. To reach the accommodation one has to walk through the trees.
The court in the forest – 3 living spaces are organized in a linear fashion. Each unit has a private court that organizes the spaces within and also acts as an alternative workspace for artists. These private courts are designed to an intimate scale – a perfect destination for this continuing spatial experience.

Location Pondicherry
Typology Multi Unit, Cultural
Year 2018
Status Under completion
Size 700 sqm
Client Private
Structural Le Premiers
Construction Nala Builders
Drawing Roshini Roy
Design Team Mahesh Radhakrishnan, Jaya Sriram, Parvaty Balagopal, Ksheeraja Padmanaban, Anuja Priyanka, Harivardhan, Hari Krishnan, Shveta Mohan