Jury at The Merit List

Mahesh Radhakrishnan was invited as part of a 4 member jury panel of The Merit List 2015-16.

Here is an excerpt of an interview about TML

…………….While looking at this work, what were your key concerns or issues that you thought we must address through the TML process? Do you think we have successfully been able to do that?

MR: To an extent we were successfully able to gain what we set out to achieve because I think we are at a point in history where we are in this state of crisis: a crisis of imagination. I do not consider architecture outside of that crisis. Architecture is very much a part of this crisis and I think much more so as compared to other disciplines or other forms of art. Having said that, I use TML and the submitted projects as a lens to ask questions like what are the current challenges? Have these projects tried to address them? Having gone through this years’ jury process, I think we have asked the right questions and that becomes the part of the format of The Merit List: to ask the right questions. In TML jury process, the way in which the projects were looked at was very different for me.

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Image credit. The Merit List