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Water Edges

Water Edges

Chennai, India.  2013

PROGRAM: Public realm
CLIENT: Chennai Corporation/Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority
STATUS: Concept  proposal

Water Edges project is an exploratory vision for Public Spaces  for Chennai in 2020. Through this project we show how to create a public realm for the city that is socially inclusive, ecologically responsible and purposefully designed. A series of pilot projects represented through ideas, images, plans and diagrams are collated to demonstrate this. These projects broadly work in the intersections of ECOLOGY, CULTURE and CITY INFRASTRUCTURE. They highlight the opportunites and demand for such places for a better quality of life. These projects show a sustainable development model of public spaces along water edges for future.

Team: Mahesh Radhakrishnan, Ludovic Tiollier, Guneet Kaur Anand, Salome Houllier, Divya Ravishankar, Ashwin Ashok, Zahed Mirza, Vigneshwar, Karthick, Jesse Rosemoore,  Diviz Studios
Collaborator:  CARE EARTH Jayshree Vencatesan