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Book Building

Book Building

Chennai, India. 2010- 2012

PROGRAM: Retail/Museum/Office/Living
CLIENT: Tara Books
STATUS: Completed
AREA: 3400 sft

This project is a single holistic space that includes an equal mix of retail, office, museum space and living quarters as programs, sharing their boundaries together. The project is organised around a set of outdoor spaces at different levels that connect the program either physically or visually. The ground level will house a bookstore whose boundary is shared with the street and a compact display space made up of indoor and outdoor gallery. First level is made up of administration and meeting space with services. A spiral stair leads to the second level holds the design and directors cabin. A split second level is made up of a court and living accommodation for visiting artists accessed by a spiral stair from the outdoor gallery.

Team: Mahesh Radhakrishnan, Zahed Mirza , Ludovic Tiollier, Chandrika Ravichandran, Shyni Mathew, Dhivya Ravishankar, Salome Houllier, Ashwin Ashok
Structural: Kriti Consultants
Graphic: TaraBooks
Services: moad
Project Management: moad

Domus April 2012
‘Art runs through the building… the Madras Office of Architects and Designers draw out an inspiring building from a nondescript site, as a creative assimilation of circumstances’

Building Books Perch

‘ The building itself looks like one of Tara Books’ own publications, filled with art, dreams and stories …’

Lounge Loves | Tara Books Book Building
Live Mint

‘But this creation … is no page-turner. It’s an eye-popper …a three-storeyed, ecologically friendly architectural masterpiece …’

Unconventional Architecture
Platform Magazine
‘With bold colours, textures and most importantly an innovative idea, this space drew our attention to the mastermind behind it all, who imagined the building itself to be an evolving canvas.’

Reasons to like Chennai: Tara BooksLuther, Out of Station blog
‘Tara Books might be one of the most pleasant places to spend an afternoon that I’ve found in the city’

Books and Beyond
The Hindu
‘A beautiful tree-shaped mural by Gond artist Bhajju Shyam that adorns the wall of the outdoor space seems to indicate how this space will evolve over time.’

Look, what’s in store!
Metro Plus (The Hindu)
‘The walls fittingly bristle with wonderful book exhibits; murals transform pillars from mere support structures into exquisite works of art’