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Delhi, India.  2011

PROGRAM: Multiuse
STATUS: Competition
AREA: 200000 sft

Porosity is the nature of our culture and living. We experience this type of texture every day socially in our language, food and behavior and physically in our built and city form. This ideology allows us to be flexible, absorb the new and coexist with layers of vitality and provides richness in our day to day experience. This competition project is a porous sprawl of programs that stitches the users, landscape and built fabric together in a pedestrian oriented IT complex in the suburb of Greater Noida. It challenges the norms of authorization of objects and investigates into the democratization of spaces. It seeks to foster publicness, to increase visual connections, to render active edges and to promote mixed use through multiple layering of spaces, blurring the confines of the built and the open. It is through these means that the design strives to capture the vitality indispensable to built environment of this nature.

Team: Mahesh Radhakrishnan, Ludovic Tollier, Guneet Kaur Anand, Vigneshwar
Structural: NA