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Mylapore Family House

Mylapore Family House

Chennai, India.  2012

PROGRAM: Housing
CLIENT: Private
STATUS: Planning
AREA: 4000 sft

Set in one of the oldest and dense neighborhood of Chennai, this family house is designed for 3 different couples from two different generations. They intend to stay together at the same time respecting each others privacy and differences.  Proposed in a neighborhood where wall-to-wall construction is permissible, the project explores the idea of a multi-family dwelling as an amorphous built form. An active use of open spaces in the form of a central courtyard and the terraces face inwards for collective living while the external balconies and windows share the privacy or the room with the street edge. The house is planned to be built using recycle material (from demolishing the existing house) from building waste and conserve energy in both active and passive ways.

Team: Mahesh Radhakrishnan, Ashwin Ashok
Structural: Manjunath and co
Projects: moad
Graphic: moad
Services: moad
Project Management: moad