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Kathipara Landscape Park

Kathipara Landscape Park

Chennai, India.  2008

PROGRAM: Urban Landscape Design
CLIENT: National Highways Authority of India
STATUS: Concept  proposal
AREA: 5,00,000 sft

Given a design brief to address the ground plane beneath the Kathipara grade separator in an appropriate manner, our approach looks at the site as a ‘transit park’ – in response to the way the Kathipara junction works and also providing for a safe, easily navigable and pleasant experience for pedestrians on the ground plane. The Transit Park, re-contextualizes the 5 fundamental landforms of Tamil Culture as described in Sangam Literature to
achieve a space that is not only purely functional but also visually diverse, congruous in time and symbolic in culture.

The Kathipara Landscape Park as an emergent landscape is not unlike the grade separator above it, in that it is not a destination reached but a delightful precinct that will make the transit route a lasting impression in the minds of the many people that cross it every day. ‘Cities are an archive of time in space’… Working on the premise that, every intervention within the fabric of the city be a reflection of the time that it is set in, the proposal is a move in exactly that direction.

Team:  Vidhya Mohankumar,  Mahesh Radhakrishnan,  Prem Balasubramanian, Shaktivel Siva