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Interactive Museum at CHC

Interactive Museum at CHC

CHC Nungambakkam, Chennai, 2010

CLIENT: Chinmaya Heritage Centre
STATUS: On hold
AREA: 1200 sft

An interactive museum to display the life and time of Swami Chinmayananda and The Chinmaya Mission. This museum works both as an information archive and an aesthetic experience. For this purpose the museum is designed for 3 different user types who represent the entire spectrum of visitors. The display for these users vary in nature and its levels of interactivity Browser – headline reader Curious One – audio/interactivity display/display screen etc. Explorer – for a complete experience Key feature of the project was the use of interactive technology to offset the lack of physical space for display. Hence the space captures the essence of Swamijis life through seamless integration of material, technology and information

Team: Mahesh Radhakrishnan, Zahed Mirza
Collaborator: Apsaran Raja, Dhinakaran Palanisamy
Graphic: moad
Services: moad
Project Management: moad